My Bittersweet Summer, Part II


Firstly, Amy had graduated from high school a year before me. She was an older woman!

Secondly, we would be at the amusement park for the entire day — from sun up till sun down. It would be one hell of a first date!

And thirdly, I had never asked a girl on a date before. I had never been on a date before. In fact, years later, my mother confessed that she’d always thought I was gay, because I’d never shown any interest in girls.

Well, it wasn’t that I didn’t have any interest in girls. I just didn’t think they had any interest in me.

But Amy said yes, and I was sooo excited! I couldn’t wait to tell Chuck the good news!

Which I did the next day. Which is when he told me the bad news.

Susan couldn’t go. She had to work that Saturday.

I couldn’t accept that. So the next day, unbeknownst to Chuck, I called the Pizza Hut where Susan worked and lied to the manager.

I told him I was a classmate of Susan’s, and our class was planning this big, end-of-summer graduation party, and it wouldn’t be the same without her, and was there any way he could see to it that she had the Saturday off?

And the manager, who was a totally cool guy, said he wouldn’t want Susan to miss the party and, so, sure, he’d take care of it.

Later that day, when I knew Susan was working, I called the Pizza Hut again and asked to speak with her.

I’d never spoken to Susan before.

“Susan, hi, I’m Greg,” I said. “I’m Chuck’s friend, and, listen, I’m so sorry you can’t come to Cedar Point with us. Chuck, especially, is heart-broken. Which is why I’m calling. Would you mind checking your work schedule one more time, you know, just to make sure you’re not free on that day?”

And she said, “Um, okay.”

Clunk went the phone as she put it down, and through the receiver I heard the clatter of the busy kitchen. After what seemed like several lifetimes, clunk, Susan came back on the line, and she said, “That’s weird. I know I was supposed to work on that day, but now I don’t.”

And I said, “Wow, that is weird. Well, bye.”

I couldn’t wait to tell Chuck the good news!

To be continued . . .





4 thoughts on “My Bittersweet Summer, Part II

  1. I went to an all boys school and blamed my lack of girlfriend on a lack of opportunity (rather than the lack of interest you refer to so well) Winding up nicely, Greg 🙂

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