Let’s Recap!

Let's Recap!

Photo credit: Darren Wilkin

What’s that you say? You just stumbled on my blog and would like to follow along, but you’re a busy person and don’t have time to start at the beginning? This handy recap will get you up to speed quickly!

  • Kicked off my blog in early December 2016 with the post Two Things, in which I introduced myself and attempted to explain why the world needs another blog.
  • Launch Now took us to Thanksgiving 2015, the day I launched my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the self-publication of my middle school-grade thriller Do Over.
  • My Kickstarter gets fully funded. I faint from Overwhelmed-ness!
  • No Plot? No Problem! took us to March 2007. The post paid homage to the book that changed my life, and concluded with me meeting the woman who changed my life.
  • The woman’s name is Jennie. She’s a literary agent. Our life-changing conversation lasted Fifteen Minutes.
  • In Funny Bones, I fretted over faux pas before sending Jennie the manuscript of my first middle school-grade novel, Walking Distance. She didn’t love it.
  • I shared Jennie’s feedback, and alluded to The Important Thing I Missed in my writing and in my life.
  •  My Bittersweet Summer was the first of a three-part, boy-loses-best-friend-but-gets-the-girl-of-his-dreams story. It seemed like a non-sequitur, but trust me, it’s not.
  • If you’re wondering what I sound like, you can hear me tell the story of My Bittersweet Summer before a live audience here.
  • In The Choice, it’s 2007 again, and I had to decide whether to rework Walking Distance or let it go and write another novel.
  • Life is all about Holding On and Letting Go. My first novel represented a golden time in my life when I homeschooled my two kids, but in the end I decided to let it go.
  • I wrote my next middle-school novel, The Bridge, and sent it to Jennie. Half a year later, she sent me her feedback.
  • Jennie’s feedback was candid and encouraging, but unbeknownst to her, it felt like a censure of my role as a father. I would Hear No Evil!

New content is added each Sunday, with periodic postings on Wednesdays. Thank you, Dear Reader, for following along! 🙂

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